The People Behind the Mirvac Difference

As Pavilions nears its 2020 completion, we reflected on what will make this iconic building stand out as a Mirvac legacy project.

There’s the architecture that will see Pavilions dominate the skyline, creating a powerful statement at the gateway to Sydney Olympic Park. But more impactful is its representation of the values that are embedded in the Mirvac Difference; our absolute commitment to quality and care in every little detail.

It’s easy to talk the talk but delivering the quality for which Mirvac is renowned comes down to people. The team behind Pavilions, from the architects to the project managers and on-site crew have one thing in common – an enormous amount of pride in their work and a sense of responsibility for upholding Mirvac tradition.

The opportunity to work on iconic buildings is one factor in Mirvac’s ability to attract the best of the best. That we are able to retain our most valuable people so that our customers benefit from their many years of experience is integral to our ability to fulfil the Mirvac promise.

The senior construction team working on Pavilions has an incredible track record and years of experience that is rare to find on a construction site today.

Construction Manager Glenn House is a second-generation Mirvac man with 35 years at the company to his name. He grew up exposed to the Mirvac way, alongside his dad as a youngster, then as an apprentice carpenter and now as one of the most respected and valued members of our construction team.

Then there’s Paul Iann, Senior Site Manager with 25 years at Mirvac; Project Director Graham Cooper with 14 years; Snezana Mitrovski, Project Architect with 22 years; Diana Sarcasmo, General Manager of Design, Marketing and Sales with 20 years; Matthew Hall, Project Manager with 13 years.

It’s due to loyal long-serving and supremely talented people like this that Mirvac is able to win the loyalty of our customers. People who trust us to always do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

At least 70 per cent of a built structure lies out of sight placing the onus of trust on the builder and developer.

Providing a workplace where everybody is encouraged to speak up and to challenge is part of the Mirvac process, along with constant reviewing, checking and training.
Our unique integrated business model, with expertise in design, construction, development, marketing and sales all under one roof, means that we have control of every project from beginning to end and beyond.

And we don’t out-source our obligations or responsibilities. Our history and our legacy has always been to respect and revere the role of the architect. They are not sidelined but involved throughout the construction process so that any design changes are thoroughly examined by a project team that includes the builder, engineers, structural engineers, architects and best in practice consultants.

Quality doesn’t happen by accident and reputations are not built overnight. Nor is experience. It will have taken more than three years to build Pavilions but into it have gone many lifetimes of knowledge and skill.